Authorized purchasing agent for the major constructors, Haladjian Export offers you the choice with original and substitute parts for machinery made by CATERPILLAR ® and KOMATSU ®. Haladjian Export’s catalog has broadened over the last ten years with our multi-brand strategy, and we can also provide you with parts from VOLVO ®, BELL ®, BOMAG ®, LIEBHERR ®, HYUNDAI ®, DOOSAN ®, CUMMINS ®, DEUTZ ®…. Solidly based on
know-how acquired during more than 50 years in sourcing and supplying public works machinery spare parts, Haladjian ensures the availability of a wide range of engine parts, hydraulic systems, electrical components, transmission, cooling systems, injection systems, filters, chassis parts and bolts, screws etc. Each part is offered either with an original part constructor guarantee or can be a suitable alternative depending on your specifications, budget or the machine’s number of hours, while maintaining an optimal quality level. Our Export team of technicians and salespeople specialized in mechanical parts takes care of each of your requests, focusing on your need to find the best technical answer and service as quickly as possible.

  • Engine parts


    Engine parts

    Pistons, cylinder liners, valves, cam shafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads, con-rods, turbos, piston segments, bearings, overhaul kits …

  • Hydraulic systems


    Hydraulic systems

    Pumps, cylinders, cartridges, valves, cylinders, distributors, gasket kits, hoses…

  • Injection systems


    Injection systems

    Pumps, injectors, cables, gasket kits, pistons…

  • Electrical components


    Electrical components

    Batteries, starters, alternators, coils, switches, spark plugs, instruments, gauges…

  • Filters



    Oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic system filters, air filters, cab filters, pre-filters…

  • Transmission



    Plates, torque converters, differentials, steering clutches, differential spiders, belts, bearings, axes and rings…

  • Chassis



    Protection, housings, supports, sway bars…

  • Cooling systems


    Cooling systems

    Oil coolers, radiator parts, radiator grids, water pumps, fans, thermostats, hose, hose clamps…

  • Bolts and screws


    Bolts and screws

    Bolts, screws, nuts, washers and rings, pins…