esco-logo Haladjian Export keeps more than 2000 blade references permanently available, and has one of the biggest stocks in Europe for all common brands and models: graders, loaders, bulldozers or scrapers. We take special care in choosing our suppliers, checking out their consistent product quality and their technical know-how. That’s the way we can select the most appropriate product ranges from each of our suppliers to best meet your needs in terms of intended use and of budget. Our steels are offered in different hardness grades, to make sure we can meet your individual needs. For example, for the same grader blade mounting we have 3 specific grades of steel available in stock. Naturally, Esco ® Blades is one of our suppliers called on when your situation involves high abrasion or breakage risks – MaxTemp ® is the best answer! We can also suggest our made-to-measure blade service, with a 250 to 500 Brinell hardness steel range:

  • ground-engaging blades and bolt on cutting edge
  • blades drilled to measure
  • blades mechanically welded in our welding workshops

You will also find a complete range of class 10.9 bolts and screws, to securely attach all your blades..