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50 years of experience as a distributor

The Haladjian Group created Haléco, its environment product subsidiary, in 1999.
Proud of our 15 years in the market, today Haléco is the European leader for the distribution of environmental protection products for professionals.

Haléco offers you a wide multi-brand product range to support your environment and safety strategies.
As the authorized distributor for some of the top brands, we have made sure our rigorous choice of partners means we can offer you a faultless quality service.

  • Leak and spill absorption


    An absorbent enabling accidental leaks or spills of pollutant liquids to be recovered (oils, greases, hydrocarbons, chemical products) ensuring workplace safety and protecting the environment. Several types of absorbents are available depending on the nature of the liquid spilled and the location where you need to clean up.

    • Absorbents for all products (oils, solvents, water-based…)
    • Absorbents for hydrocarbons (oils and derivatives)
    • Absorbents for chemicals
    • Different formats: powders, pads, rolls, socks, booms…
  • Absorption of hydrocarbons on water


    Haléco is by your side in dealing with water pollution issues.
    Our special hydrocarbon absorbents mean you can manage accidental spills onto water – at sea, along the shore, on calm bodies of water, along rivers, … (crude oil-type hydrocarbons, diesel, gasoline, fuel oils, chemical products… )..

    • Special hydrocarbon-containment booms
    • Antipollution containment booms
    • Special hydrocarbon-absorbing sheets and rolls
    • Hydrocarbon solidifying granulates and booms
    • Biodegradable hydrocarbon dispersants
    • Special hydrocarbon absorbent nets
    • Kits of absorbents in Big-Bag or rigid containers
  • Safe storage for hazardous products


    Our spill trays and spill pallets are designed to hold tanks, drums or other containers for products which are hazardous for humans and could pollute the environment. Haléco offers you a complete range of spill containment products, to store 1, 2 or 4 220 liter drums, 1 or 2 1000 liter containers…

    • Spill pallets in galvanized or painted steel to store your flammables
    • Spill pallets in polyethylene to store chemicals and corrosives
  • Surface blocking devices to protect underground drain networks


    Drain seals and pipe plugs mean you can protect your underground networks against accidental spills of hazardous products, or during liquid transfer operations.. Several models are available to order, depending on your needs.

    • Drain seals which bear vehicle passage (parking lots, loading docks…)
    • High visibility Drain seals to warn passers-by that a response is taking place
    • Drain seals with handles or reversible mats, to react quickly in pollution situations
    • Mobile pipe plugs mean drains of different diameters can be plugged

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Haléco: total solutions for risk management

Activities where we can respond: public works, mines, quarries, petrochemistry, refining, chemistry, logistics, transport, storage, anti-pollution actions, maritime…

An export service: a telephone helpline dedicated to our export customers, with technical specialists speaking several languages. Our team is ready to help you with fast, reliable solutions for your individual situation.

Experienced logistics: more than 6000 references in stock, a well-organized 20 000 m² warehouse, direct access to supplier stocks for bulkier products. Haléco shares reliable Haladjian logistics for deliveries in the shortest time possible.

Technical support: our specialized technical experts are at your service, helping you to identify your needs and find the answers.

They know and trust us: Eiffage, Vinci construction, Lafarge, Total, Sanofi, Veolia environnement, Coca Cola, Heineken, Orangina, Nestlé France, Air France, Royal Air Maroc, L’Oréal….